Waistbeads: Exhale


At some point, we- the women - need to see (other) women without thinking 'how to hurt her', or 'how to hate her' - for any reason at all. It's not ok - let us exhale!! And be!

Length   50 inches
Type Traditional tie-on
Not Customizable
For Any she who wants to wear Waistbeads, and dare to love her body without limits


Be mindful of the energy you are keeping close to you, they are being diligent and settling into names of their own.

Length   50 inches
Type Traditional tie-on
Not Customizable
Any she who wants to wear Waistbeads, and dare to love her body without limits


Super Absorbent. Overnight or spill protection


Welcome to the Switch Over , with Savings

What they're saying
Ordering anything in Trinidad and Tobago is tricky!! People don't like to give you an update... I will ALWAYS shop with you guys because I KNOW I am getting what I paid for!! And I don't have to BEG for order updates!!
Thank you thank you thank you - I truly appreciate you processing my order on rush request because we looked everywhere for a Nebulizer for our daughter!! She is doing so much better now and it's so light and easy to take with us anywhere!!
Everybody says "pre-order" this and that and I won't lie... I was skeptical!! Thank you for the updates! Nobody can blame you for delays at customs and I appreciate you guys taking the initiative anyway!  Once the service stays this good... you have a client for life!! Thanks man!
I prefer to buy my stuff from Amazon even though I can never be sure what customs will charge me! I absolutely love that your prices are comparative to Amazon prices so it doesn't feel like a total rip off! These covid times... things hard enough as it is!  Thank you for your service. The Nebulizer and the BPM machine works well!!

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Easy to use. Efficient drug utilization, with good clinical effect. Two masks, 1 for adult, 1 for child as well as a mouthpiece for nebulizing.


Advanced Vibrating Mesh Technology: The nebulizer adopts advanced mesh technology, with 2800 micro holes in a smaller area. It can continuously produce more and softer mist (particle size ≤4μm), which directly reach the lungs, effectively relieve various of respiratory symptoms and make you breathe easily.


Blood pressure measurement indicator.  Stores up to 199 readings (across both users). Switch between users.  Easily review history of readings.  Large back-lit LED Display (for easy reading or in low light conditions)

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